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Preparations for the 2005-2006 winter indoor season have begun. The Ottawa Royals will be entering a number of teams in the Coliseum Indoor Soccer League this winter.

Players interested in joining the Royals for the upcoming winter season should visit the TRYOUTS section and e-mail the appropriate contact to get more information.


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2005.10.19 Royals announce AGM
The Ottawa Royals AGM is scheduled for Sunday, October 30 at 2:00 p.m. at Malone’s (function room on the ground floor).

2005.09.14 Royals announce winter development
The Ottawa Royals are proud to announce our 2005/06 Winter Development Program. Of note are our new Advanced and Keeper Programs which will be held at the Louis Riel Dome.

2005.08.29 U15 Boys take Gold at KITC
The Ottawa Royals Boys U15 team won gold at the “Kickin in the Capital” Tournament the weekend of August 13/14.

2005.08.22 Royals teams make Cup/Shield Semi-Finals
With August quickly coming to a close, the Royals still have four teams in the running for ER Cup/Shield titles. Good luck to all the Royals teams still playing!

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